Extending A Set: Knarly Leg Curls Past Failure

I am a firm believer, as are most, that to progress in your training you have to at some point push past failure. There are many techniques to do this, but in this particular video I go through a technique known as “partial reps.” Executing a partial repetition requires you to go to concentric, full range of motion failure and continue to do repetitions at a partial range of motion with the proper form allowing for greater time under tension at the given weight. In this video I use the Seated Leg Curl, starting from a hip flexed position, to do partial reps with my own assistance, partial reps with body position (sitting back), and a final set of partial reps at another position (hips more flexed). Now you certainly do not have to go this ridiculous with partial repetitions in any set, but I did want to give you a couple variations to add to your next finishing set of hamstrings.

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